Skill Development

The Counsellors at GPS help our students gain understanding and insight into their problems, develop emotional resilience and put into effect real change, enabling and encouraging to fulfil their academic and personal potential. The Service offers free and confidential support at all times. Apart from individual interactions, the programmes that the team focuses on are::

The Peer Support Program

This is an across the  school program that works with the support of Peer Leaders and Teachers to turn the general negative impact of "peer pressure"  in a positive manner by rewarding skills and supporting skill deficits through timely interventions


Skill Development Centre (SDC)

The Skill development Centre undertakes One to one counselling based on teacher/parent referral. It involves Time activity Schedules to help children keep a routine, Parent counselling and training, Teacher training and suggestions for classroom management. Apart from this working on specific academic skills - reading, reading comprehension, spelling, written expression and arithmetic also happen here.


Exam Support and Provisions

In our attempt to make our approach to children with difficulties as inclusive as possible we work with teachers and the Examination boards to ensure that exam support and provisions are included based on assessment reports provided by the parent.  All other provisions by the Examination boards for students with Dyslexia are followed by the school too.


Adolescent Education Program through Life Skills Classes

Life Skills are conducted for all Grades and include topics like Creative Thinking, Decision Making, Self- Awareness, Problem Solving, Interpersonal Relations, Critical Thinking, Empathy, Dealing with Stress, Managing Emotions and Effective Communication.

 In addition topics on Health, Safety and any current and relevant topics are discussed in class.