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Board of Trustees

The Global Education Trust promotes the Global Public School. It is a registered charitable trust with its registered office at Kochi. Every member of the board is committed to this social cause with a single goal in mind: A better world through better education.

The Board of Trustees comprising seven successful professionals from all around the world are united in their commitment of offering World Class International Education in their beloved city of Kochi. The following distinguished personalities constitute the board.

Mr. John Thomas

Operations Director
Chalmers Engineering Co. (L.L.C.)
Dubai. Director - TelecomOne Teleservices, India.

Mr. V. M. Liaquat Ali

Managing Director,
Bavasons Constructions (P) Ltd.

Mr. T.K.V. Menon

Maritime Business Consultant,
Norse Management U K Ltd.

Mrs. Pamela Anna Mathews

Managing Director,
O/E/N India Ltd.

Mr. Simon John

Managing Director,
Lazza Frozen Foods(P) Ltd.

Mr. Tobby Simon

CEO, Synergia Consultants Pvt Ltd.

Mr. P. Jacob

Managing Trustee, Global Educational Trust.
Chairman, Global Public School.


Mr. Jacob K. Cherian

Chief Executive,
Ausker Group of Companies,
Melbourne, Australia.

What does it mean to be a GPS-ite ? Our Tagline proclaims "Global Vision and Traditional values." How, one might ask, could these seemingly contradicting terms be embodied in one person or a school? When I tried to zoom in on one specific example, the best one I found was India our country itself. As an emerging global market, we see India positioning itself both as a technological powerhouse and also as a soft power exemplified best by our cultural ethnicity and our people power.

Yoga as a discipline which dates back to pre-Vedic Indian traditions, has catapulted centre stage as a panacea for almost all ills. We now see Yoga in it's myriad forms adopted all over by the people of the world but it's roots will always be from India. At GPS too we learn and discover new aspects of pedagogy and draw upon educational resources from all over the world. Yet we still hold on to our traditional value systems because that is what is unique and gives us our moorings. I see our students carry this core vision in all aspects of their life in school and hope that it stays along with them through the long journey of life.

As part of the management team, I can assure you of our school's mission to stick to this vision and strive to reach the heights expected by all our stakeholders.

Mr. Sreekumar is an educator with over 25 years of experience in some of the most prestigious schools in India and abroad . He has joined GPS after relinquishing his most recent assignment as a Principal in the UAE . His pleasant demeanour, competent decision-making, and extremely strong academic skills has added tremendous value to all aspects of school life at GPS.

Head - Enrichment Programmes

Ms. Shamim Mohamed needs no introduction to the city of Cochin. She is a veritable store house of talent and is amazingly creative. Her appointment as Head of Enrichment Programmes highlights the importance of holistic learning at Global Public School.

Head Mistress

Ms. Annie Inasu brings with her almost two decades of teaching experience. An extremely child friendly practitioner, her pupils invariably warm up to her caring and patient ways. Under her able tutelage, pupils get a head start as life long learners.

Vice Principal - Administration

Ms. Usha Menon is a dedicated teacher with over fifteen years of experience in developing a result driven curriculum. Her high expectations for pupils make her continuously seek out new ways to improve instruction and link learning with fun. With strong interpersonal skills, she has forged strong bonds with students, parents and colleagues.

Vice Principal - IT,Systems and Communication

Ms. Susanna Sunil is instrumental in driving new IT process and Communication Systems for the school and enabling us to be at the forefront of technology .

Head - Stepping Stones

Ms. Serah Varughese has implemented a whole new dimension to learning methods for the tiny-tots that join the school. Right from the a, b & c’s to life skills, she has brought-in a huge and wonderful difference in what needs to be imparted to the children.

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