Foundation 2

Foundation II

Grades 1 to 2

The Foundation II years learning pans across Grade 1 and Grade 2. The basic skills of languages, mathematics and science are explored in a seamless manner with activity based learning. Small class sizes and integrated curriculum across the two years lay a firm platform for students to develop their innate skills. Excellent achievement scores illustrate our academic success and happy, well-rounded children reflect our positive learning environment.

The core skills that form part of our programme are

Beyond Textbooks: Course books  designed by subject experts incorporate resources from a wide variety of curriculum and is tailor-made for each grade

'Jodogyan' curriculum makes Mathematics meaningful and loads of fun at the same time building a strong conceptual foundation.

'Learning by doing' - each topic is introduced with a hands-on activity and the methodology used encourages independent thinking. Be it visible thinking routines or creative writing exercises, the focus is on original work.

Core values are introduced every month and reinforced through the activities planned for the month


“Assessment while learning” is the  process of continuous assessment using  a variety of tools like worksheets, listening and speaking activities, interactive sessions, just a minute activities, role play etc.