Cultural Coincidences

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Cultural Coincidences

Special Guest: Mr. Ritesh R
Venue: Virtual 
Date: 1st April 2022

Cultural Coincidences was an event conducted by Birla Public School, Pilani, Rajasthan held on 1st April, 2022. The collaboration focussed on two of the oldest and most famous mythologies known. The participants had the task to learn about Greek and Indian mythologies and draw parallels between the two. They also had to identify various prominent figures in Greek and Indian mythology research. The event was for an hour and half of intellectual exchange by the keynote speaker Mr Ritesh R, an Art/Design Historian, Curator, Trained Career Counsellor, Educator, Art-Life Therapist, Author, Editor etc.

Cultural Coincidences was a virtual forum that seeks to replicate the Round Square Barraza experience. Participants learned about diverse perspectives, connected with peers and had fun through a chosen theme. Overall, it was a fruitful session with discussion of ideas and information relating to Greek and Indian Mythology. Students did their presentation with great confidence. The Baraza session was one of the key highlights of the event, where the students got a platform to share their insights with each other. It gave them an opportunity to stay connected with other students across the world. The session concluded with a quiz and gave a perception into the history of mythologies

Participants- Reksha Thomas, Aishi Chakraborthy, Kajal Anand, Madhumita Menon

Name of teacher/student In-charge: Ms. Sunila Mathew, Ms. Elizabeth Varghese