gps Heritage

Almost a decade ago one balmy afternoon in April 2005, a few of us made a tryst with Destiny . Amidst the sylvan lush salubrious green-fields of Thiruvaniyoor with  a simple Inaugural ceremony, a journey of thousands of miles began with the small steps of a fervent rendering an all faith Prayer and the articulation of a promise to provide the best learning environment to the pupils who enroll in Global Public School . Of course,  mighty oaks from tiny acorns grow and so today sanctified by that promise and commitment Global Public School stands tall in a sprawling 7 acre campus teeming with pupils who under the dedicated tutelage of their teachers , step out as confident competent compassionate beings

Celebrating team spirit at gps.

Proud to be a gpsite!

Global Public School- a bird's eye view.

Our School Anthem