Parkalam – A Tribute


Parkalam – A Tribute

Parkalam in Tamil is similar to Au revoir in French i.e, farewell till we meet again. To one of India’s finest teachers and ex-President of India,‪#‎DrAPJAbdulKalam‬, – here is our simple tribute titled – 

Parkalam …

Like a colossus you did stride
Across the country and nations far and wide.
As you move onwards, the galaxy to ride
In anguished voices, we say,
Parkalam, Sir, Parkalam

Igniting minds with great foresight
Inspiring us to dream and hold them tight
Your words set us afire, gave wings to strive
To always think and do, by all humans right.
As we now, watch you launch your last flight,
In hushed voices, we say
Parkalam, Sir, Parkalam

At ease with King and commoner alike
At peace only when easing another’s plight
You taught us, in our nation, to take pride
And to true leadership, opened our eyes
With hopes that at distant shores ,we’ll surely meet
With tears that speak of deepest grief,
In one voice, today, we say
Parkalam, Sir, Parkalam
— by Susanna Sunil