Department Of Health And Wellness

Inclusive Education

Our children enter the school as toddlers and stay with us through their adolescence. And school is the place where they lay foundation to their healthy habits; where they learn to face and overcome emotional hurdles; where they equip themselves to face the world outside.
We at school, focus and ensure the well-being of each our children as much as we focus on their academics. We ensure that no child of ours, is left behind!!
The Health and Wellness department comprises of an excellent team of psychologists and remedial educators who have completely absorbed the mission of the institution and work hand in hand with the teachers, parents and the children to accomplish them.
Difficulties are inevitable, natural and very normal and could be from peers, juniors, seniors, teachers, at home/ in the community or in their virtual space. We help our students gain understanding and insight to their problems, develop emotional resilience and effect real change, enabling and encouraging to fulfil their academic and personal potential. We understand and appreciate the individuality of each child and ensure to maintain appropriate confidentiality of the matters discussed.
In addition to one to one counselling for the students, the department also handles the life skill lessons and Health and Wellness talk sessions for children. We also focus on parent counselling and training and conducts teacher’s training programs.
Global Public School offers an inclusive learning environment. We understand that each individual has a different pace. Here we are not looking for perfection, but we ensure progress and completion. We train our children not to compare with others, instead we help them to challenge and outwit themselves day over day. Over the years, we have proved that a mindful partnership and an active participation of parents and teachers can do wonders on the child and we will continue to do that.