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Our transport providers are ATS CARS, ROYAL HOLIDAYS SCHOOL SERVICES and ROYAL TOURS. Each of these have a fleet of air-conditioned vehicles that weave an efficient network across the city and its suburbs. Each bus is manned by competent drivers and bus assistants who ensure that the students are taken to school and dropped back home safely. Routes are mapped across main arterial roads. Parents can track their child's journey through the RFID Transport Alerts provided through SMS and app based software powered by Keltron ITAC (THE SMART WAY TO TRACK FLEET VEHICLES)

* Students are expected to stand in a queue to board the bus, and allow juniors to be seated first.
* Sit down in the seat allotted by the attendant in the bus and always remain seated in the moving bus.
* Students must follow the instructions given by the bus staff.
* Respect the bus staff.
* Speak softly in the bus.
* Behave well with other pupils.
* Do not eat in the bus or litter the bus.
* Any damage caused to the interiors of the bus will be strictly dealt with.
* The use of school transport is not allowed unless you are a regular bus user.
* The school should be informed in writing or via email in case of a permanent change of location at least one week in advance.
* Change in the boarding or alighting points is strictly restricted.
* In case of early / late departure, parents will have to pick their ward from school.

Those who wish to discontinue the use of school transport should submit a written request with one month's notice. The original receipt must be enclosed for refund of transport deposit.

Fee for 2019-20 (Week Boarders)
Week Day boarders who avail school transport facility should pay Rs.950/- per month for distances upto 25 kms and Rs.1600/- for more than 25kms.

Fee for 2019-20 (Day Scholar / Day Boarders)


  Fee (In Rs./month)

  Upto 15 kms


  15 – 25 kms


  Above 25 kms



Stepping Stones

Morning buses will reach school by 8:30 am.
Noon buses will depart from school at 12.30 pm.

Grade 1

Students of Grade 1 will board the main school buses to reach school by 7.35 am.

Noon buses will depart from school at 12.30 pm.

Grades 2 – 12

Morning buses will reach school by 7.35 am.

Noon buses will depart from school with Day Scholars at 01.30 pm.

Evening buses will depart from school with Day Boarders at 3.25 pm.