8th Inter School Swimming Gala Champions

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8th Inter School Swimming Gala Champions

Global Public School emerged victorious at the 8th Inter School Swimming Gala held on Saturday, 30th January 2016 on home turf. The swimming team of gps won a plethora of medals at the competition, which had over 300 students from 14 schools participating in various categories such as the freestyle, butterfly, breast stroke, back stroke and relay events. With 139 points, gps was declared the Overall Champions of the competition.

The winners in various categories:-

  1. 25m Freestyle-Group 5-Boys
    1st –Samuel Joseph Mojish
    2nd –Akash Abraham
  2. 25m freestyle- group 5 Girls
    3rd Diya Mathew
  3. 50m Butterfly Group 2 Boys
    1st Chiranthan Prasan
    2nd- Achinthya Prasan
  4. 50m Butterfly Group 4 Boys
    2nd- Manav Johar
  5. 50M Butterfly Group 3 Girls
    1st- Liyana Fathima Umer Nizar
  6. 50m Butterfly Group 4 Girls
    1st –Ayeisha Marie Joseph
    Aaliya Mehtab Niyaz
  7. 25m Back Stroke Group 5 Boys
    1st- Akash Abraham
    2nd Samuel Joseph
  8. 50m Back Stroke Group 1 Boys
    1st- Sean Sunil Vattappilly
  9. 50m Back Stroke Group 2 Boys
    1st- Achinthya Prasan
    3rd – Akhil Faleel
  10. 50m Back Stroke Group 4 Boys
    2nd – Raghav Johar
    3rd Alvin Georgie
  11. 50m Back Stroke Group 1 Girls
    3rd Sharone George
  12. 50m Back Stroke Group 3 Girls
    1st – Aleesa Elza Georgie
  13. 50m Breast Stroke Group 4 Boys
    3rd – Alvin Georgie
  14. 50m Breast Stroke Group 1 Girls
    3rd Gowri Vishwanathan
  15. 50m Breast Stroke Group 2 Girls
    1st – Parvathy Vishwanathan
  16. 50m Breast Stroke Group 4 Girls
    1st – Eesha bobby
    2nd- Aaliya Mehtab Niaz
  17. 50m Freestyle Group 1 Boys
    2nd Sean Sunil Vattappilly
  18. 50 m Freestyle- group 2 Boys
    1st – Chiranthan Prasan
  19. 50m Freestyle- Group 1 Girls
    3rd – Anjali Arun
  20. 50m Freestyle Group 2 Girls
    3rd Kiara Sara George
  21. 50m Freestyle Group 4 Boys
    2nd- Manav Johar
    3rd – Raghav Johar
  22. 50m Freestyle Group 3 Girls
    1st – Liyana fathima Umer Nizar
    Aditi Subhash
  23. 50m freestyle group 4 girls
    3rd Esha bobby
  24. 50m Butterfly Group 1 Girls
    1st – Gowri Vishwanathan
  25. 4x 25m Mixed relay
    1st- Akash Abraham, Samuel Joseph Mojish, Diya Mathew, Sarah Deepu Kallely
  26. 4x 50m freestyle relay group 3 Boys
    2nd – Manav johar, Raghav Johar, Alvin Georgie, Guru Anand, Sarthak Manikthala
  27. 4x 50m Freestyle Relay Group 4 Girls
    1st – Eesha Bobby, Aaliya Mehtab Niaz, Ayeisha Marie Joseph, Nandhini Aravindakshan, Adhvika Asghar
  28. 4x50m freestyle Relay group 3 Girls
    1st – Liyana Fathima Umer Nizar, Aarya Kandantharayil, Aditi Subhash, Aleesa Elza Georgie
  29. 4x50m Freestyle Relay Group 1 Boys
    3rd – Sean Sunil, Ben George, Ananta Krishnan, Mohammes Afnan S
  30. 4x50m freestyle relay Group 2 Boys
    1st – Achintya Prasan, Chiranthan Prasan, Maanas Manoj Menon, Jovan Jiji Manikkath, Akhil Faleel
  31. 4×50 m freestyle relay group 1 Girls
    3rd – Gowri Vishwanathan, Anjali Arun, Sharone George, Kezia George, Uttara Ramesh
  32. 4x50m freestyle relay Group 2 girls
    3rd Kiara Sara George, Parvathi Vishwanathan, Sandra Ann Bejamin, Avantika Nandakumar
  33. Mixed Relay
    1st Chiranthan Prasan, Sean Sunil Vatapilly, Liyana Fathima Umer Nizar, Gowri Vishwanathan

Individual Championships
Group 3 Girls- Liyana Fathima Umer Nizar
Group 2 Boys- Chiranthan Prasan
Group 5 Boys- Akash Abraham
Samuel Joseph Mojish