CBSE Grade 10 results 2021

Global Public School has 100% pass with 100 distinctions and 15 …

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CBSE Grade 12 results 2021

Highlights of the CBSE Grade 12 results- SHRIKRUT CHOUDHURY is the …

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CBSE Grade 12 results 2021- Yes we did it again!

Global Public School has 100% pass with 98 distinctions and 3 …

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achivements_0006_Durga Jayaraj

Purackal Joseph Memorial Award 19-20 Outstanding Student (CBSE)

Durga Jayaraj  is the recipient of the Purackal Joseph Memorial Awards instituted …

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Grade XII CBSE Results 2019-20

The class of 2020 that did us proud! …

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Grade X CBSE Results 2019-20

Congratulations to our school toppers, Juan Antony Ajay and Tresa Rose! …

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CBSE Grade 10 results.

Global Public School secured a 100% pass in the CBSE Grade …

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CBSE Grade 12 results 2020

The CBSE Grade 12 results were announced today and our students …

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2nd place in State level CBSE Kalotsav!

Our team which had won the 1st place in the Folk …

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CBSE District Kalotsav

At the CBSE District Kalotsav held on 31st October, team gps …

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