‘Adventures of Sinbad’ at Global Public School

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‘Adventures of Sinbad’ at Global Public School

The Purackal Joseph Memorial Auditorium of Global Public School came alive on January 21st, with melodious music and sprightly dance performances at the Junior School Annual Day of Global Public School and GPS Brookes, Kochi.

Over 500 students from grades 1-5 took part in this enigmatic enactment of the famous ‘Adventures of Sinbad’,  from the Arabian Nights, a famous Middle Eastern folklore compilation.

The students enthralled the audience with a visual feast of drama, suspense, humour, dance and music and of course adventure. The musical skit portrayed the escapades of Sinbad as he set off to rescue the princess of Aqaba, along with his motley crew, at the behest of the sultan .

Sinbad’s will power to face challenges, his perseverance and his camaraderie with his friends as they got caught up in the most exciting crusade, kept everyone spell bound and inspired.

All students of Grades 1-5 of Global Public School as well as Grade 1 of GPS Brookes, Kochi took part in the Annual Day.