<strong>CUROSITAS -Science Exhibition held at Global Public School.</strong>

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CUROSITAS -Science Exhibition held at Global Public School.

Grade 8 students of Global Public School held an exhibition on February 24th 2023, showcasing their scientific thinking and problem solving skills.  

This initiative  provided a platform for the students to exhibit their innovative ideas related to Science and Technology for Sustainable Development. Exhibits were designed on sub themes such as Sustainable Agricultural Practices, Cleanliness and Health, Resource Management, Industrial Development, Future Transport and Communication as well as Educational games and Mathematical Modelling. 

The highlights of the event included a project on  undersea transportation, the innovative poultry farming module, aquaponics, artificial intelligence-based displays such as air sensors, a space rover, and self-driving taxis. The enthusiastic and highly energetic budding scientists proudly displayed their meticulously orchestrated exhibits and explained the working principles with skill and confidence, which was greatly appreciated by the parents, teachers and fellow students.