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Education beyond the classrooms

Focused on our policy of enlivening student learning beyond the confines of the classroom, gps organized a training on Basic Life Support in association with Aster Medcity.

This is a first of its kind life support education program to be conducted in a school in Kerala.Tailored in a simple manner, the students of grade 10 were provided with this unique opportunity on how to manage medical emergencies.The informative session which commenced at 9.10 a.m and lasted till 3.00 p.m, was enriched with a series of lectures, power point presentations and hands on training by the medical team from Aster Medcity. The students were trained in Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation, Airway management, managing choking, basics of defibrillation and use of automated defibrillator and other such basic life support skills. The medical experts also guided them through the procedures of infant basic life support.They were also enlightened on how to administer first aid in the event of seizures, snake or dog bites, submersion injuries, fractures, helmet removal and spine stabilization in case of trauma etc.

The “Dos and Don’ts” of medical emergencies were stressed upon.

The session proved to be an amalgamation of essential and lifesaving information.

gps intends to conduct other similar sessions in the coming months so as to further empower our students to be equipped at all times in the event of a medical emergency.