Helen O Grady Story telling Workshop.

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Helen O Grady Story telling Workshop.

The teachers of Stepping stones and Junior school attended an interactive workshop – Stories and more, on story telling as a medium of teaching on 22nd July, 2016. It was conducted by Kusumika Chatterjee, a renowned educator, legendary story teller & Queens award winner from Coventry, United Kingdom.

She emphasized the need for voice modulation, expression and mudras and also showed how puppets could be used effectively. Some of the main points she emphasized were:

*All teachers should act and act all the time *Use expressions/mudras from dance forms.

*Dramatize the story *Make every lesson alive *Give children corners in class for props, art and dressing up. After each story give them the freedom to explore whichever corner they want.

*Take children out to explore.

The workshop was an eye-opener for every teacher.