Junior School celebrates Pets Day!

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Junior School celebrates Pets Day!

The school lawns reverberated with the barking of playful dogs, the purring of contented cats and the twittering and chirping of vibrantly coloured birds as the Junior School conducted Pets Day on 29th February 2016.

Animal loving students, parents and teachers were all drawn like magnets when the magnificent pets arrived with their proud owners, students of grade 1-5.

The Chief Guest was Mrs. Sally Kannan who is the Outreach Coordinator, HSI/India, Honorary Animal Welfare Officer – AWBI, Ministry of Environment, Government of India as well as a current recipient of an award from the President of India for being one among the 100 Women Achievers of India.  Mrs. Sally Kannan, who also runs a venture called “Save A Life” for rehabilitation of abandoned dogs, applauded the earnest endeavour of gps in appreciating pets and celebrating the joy they bring into one’s life.

Dogs of various breeds, cuddly cats with an overdose of cuteness, parrots, parakeets, love birds, fishes, hamsters and rabbits were some of the pets brought in by their little owners.

As a goodwill gesture, Pedigree Dog food Products gave away goodies to the pets (dogs) who contentedly wagged their tails all the way home!