CBSE Psychology Practical requirements on August 4th 2015

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CBSE Psychology Practical requirements on August 4th 2015

The Psychology students of Grade 12 along with their teacher Ms Shampa Das visited the Snehanilayam Special School, Kakkanad, Kochi as a part of their Grade 12 CBSE Psychology Practical requirements on August 4th,2015. This school founded in the year 1977 is managed by the handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The vision of the school is to empower the intellectually challenged children through education and training.Academic as well as vocational education is imparted to the 120 students by a staff of 25 teachers trained in special education,sports,yoga,music and dance.

Our Grade 12 students were given a welcome at the Assembly of Snehanilayam,wherein they introduced themselves and participated in the Assembly. Later on during the day,they spent time with the students of Snehanilayam and interacted with them on a one to one basis.The special children of Snehanilayam sang and drew pictures for our students.

It was indeed a kind of awakening for our Gypsites,and the entire experience aroused an immense feeling of empathy and gratitude to the Almighty for his innumerable mercies.

After spending an entire morning with their newfound friends of Snehanilayam, our students returned to school aware, enriched and sensitive to the world around them, with a promise to give back to society in their own little way.