Senior School Sports Day

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Senior School Sports Day


The Sports Day of Junior School was held in the evening of Wednesday, 16th December 2015.

Parents and students of the junior school gathered on the school grounds to be part of this wonderful occasion. 

The Chief Guest was none other than Mr. Umer Nizar, proud father of junior school student, Miss. Liyana Fathima , our very own National Level Swimming Champion. He is also the Co-Founder and Director of Arabcal Group, Middle East & Incal Group, India. In his inaugural address, Mr. Umer Nizar extended his earnest gratitude to gps for recognizing the talent in his daughter, who was initially skeptical of water and also for leaving no stone unturned in training and honing her skills of swimming. He also added that parental support is of paramount importance for any child to reach the zenith of his/her capacities, whatever it may be.

As apt, swimming prodigy Liyana led the Victory March of students who had represented the school in different sporting events on various occasions.

The theme “Christmas” was evident in the sprightly march- past competitions and dynamic drill sessions that ensued. Students of grade 5 D were overjoyed to be declared winners of the march past competitions.

Various track events were held for the students, their parents and the support staff of the school.

The Sports Day concluded with the junior school choir rendering Christmas Carols befitting the season.