Springing A New Beginning


Springing A New Beginning

Phew! This place looks so different now! 

You’re probably gasping now, either because of the massive changes you see that have taken a stranglehold on this blog or because you just discovered that our school even has a blog. 

For both these demographics, I have an important message. Until a few weeks back, this blog used to be a completely school-managed institution — present on every piece of GPS signage, but not strikingly visible in our line of sight. 

Today we are proud to announce that all that, is going to change. 

In early April, it was an immense privilege to be asked to spearhead a revamp of this long-running school institution and today, I am glad that that goal has come to fruition. In my capacity as the newly-minted editor of Brick ’n’ Glade, the design has been overhauled to something more vibrant and symbolic of the collage that is Global Public School. I was fortunate enough to meet people of various talents, who had equally compelling ideas for the direction of this blog. People, who I am now proud to have on the team. 

Of course, all this wouldn’t have happened if the school wasn’t considerate enough to trust us with the responsibility of reshaping it. This opportunity that GPS has given us makes us proud to call ourselves GPSites, because we don’t just come here because our parents sent us — we come because we belong here. 

Brick ’n’ Glade is your platform. It is your hopes. It is your dreams. It is your thoughts. It is your doodles. It is your musings. It is your canvas. But most importantly, it is your voice. 

It is with this vision in mind, that, today, we officially open up Brick ’n’ Glade to entries from across the school. Your articles, poems, drawings, movie reviews, experiences — everything is welcome here. If there are no bounds to your imagination, we will ensure that there are no bounds to opportunity. 

Today, I implore every one of you to submit entries for the blog, for no idea is too audacious and no writing is worthless. If you’re considering submitting your entries, I thank you immensely and request you to do so using the instructions on the Contact page. 

Together, we will make this a student-driven blog; a blog that roots itself not just in the school grounds, but also in the hearts of its students; a blog that will be the only in the city to represent an entire student community; a blog that will bring together the school in unity; a blog where every one of us has the right to be heard.

Together, we can make this possible. Won’t you join us?