STEAM Science Exhibition 2018-19

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STEAM Science Exhibition 2018-19

As a culmination of the STEAM activities, the much awaited final event of this academic year, the Steam Exhibition, was conducted on 8th March, 2019, showcasing the scientific thinking and problem solving skills of the students.

The enthusiastic and highly energetic budding scientists proudly displayed their exhibits and explained the working principles with skill and confidence, which was greatly appreciated by the parents, teachers and fellow students.

The highlights of the event included an Airplane model that surged ahead much to everyone’s amazement, Mini Rocket that popped up into the air, machines that could dispense candies, water and juice, Fruit Peel Formulation Maker, Biofuel Production Model From Nutmeg, Air Coolers, Hydraulic Machine, Clay Tiles, Rain Water Alarm, Mini Robots, Mini Vacuum Cleaner, Washing Machine, Aquaponics, models based on scientific concepts such as electricity, magnetism, density of liquids, force, energy etc. and Math concepts such as Properties of Triangles, Number Games, Puzzles, Pythagoras Theorem etc. were amongst the array of exhibits, evidencing the divergent thinking, creativity and the seamless talents of the young minds.

The event provided a platform for the students to exhibit their innovative ideas related to Science, Math and Technology, as well as Art and Design.