Stepping Stones Annual Concert, The Quest.

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Stepping Stones Annual Concert, The Quest.

Stepping Stones, the kindergarten division of Global Public School, Kochi celebrated its glittering Annual Day in the midst of distinguished guests, teachers, parents and well-wishers with a delightful and charming concert, “The Quest” on 19th January, 2017.

More than 150 children from the 3 different branches of Stepping Stones performed confidently and fastidiously on stage – a unique feat by itself, which shows the quality and level of training this institution imparts.

True to its name, the charming play, “The Quest”, was about 2 people embarking on an exciting and adventurous voyage in search of a treasure to finally realize that Mother Nature herself was the most treasured bounty. The powerful message of conserving the magnificence of nature was the underlying theme of the day.

Packed with enchanting dance performances and entertaining jiggles, the play literally took the audience on an adrenaline filled expedition through dense forests swarming with wild beasts, deep oceans pulsating with colourful sea creatures and mystical islands inhabited by ethereal animals.

The fantastic visual treat put up by the tiny tots was appreciated by one and all.