A TukTuk Sentinel blows our mind away at School!


A TukTuk Sentinel blows our mind away at School!

A report by Student Council Member Ms. Neelima M (Grade 11)

On 4th October 2013 Global Public School had a young and successful entrepreneur – Mr.Kallidil Kalidasan on campus.
Being only 24 years of age, Mr. Kalidasan charmed the students with his simplicity of language and clarity of thought! He was the special guest at the morning assembly and inaugurated the start-up of the latest addition to our academic stepping stones – the Commerce Club. He later joined the Entrepreneurship class of CBSE Grade 11 to share the story of his journey to success.

Born and brought up in a small village in Payannur, Kannur, Mr Kalidasan said that he has had a humble life attending a modest school. In his ninth grade, his father purchased the first mobile phone in his family; the fact that they could now speak through a phone without wires fascinated him and this encouraged him to be curious about technology and its amazing potential.

Initially, Mr. Kalidasan aspired to be a member of the Indian Air Force but failed to do so. He later joined college to attend a course in Mechanical Engineering. In his second year by an unexpected turn of thought, he, along with a few college mates started their company Mind Helix.

By their fourth year, they managed an office in Delhi. Over the years a few of their creations are the applications such as the Tuk Tuk Meter and Sentinel which have been downloaded by over a million people not only in India but South America as well.His company has also dealt with Microsoft on a couple of occasions.
Mr. Kalidasan reminded the students “To not jump into anything without knowing what to do next.” He mentioned that one of the most important things is to enjoy what you do and let money or profit take the backseat. Risk taking and uniqueness are the cherries on top of the perfect Entrepreneurial cake of success.

He ended his presentation by telling us that we were always welcome to ask him for assistance regarding the Commerce club. We truly enjoyed his presence and hope the very best for MindHelix in the coming years.