Grand Horizons

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Round Square

Grand Horizons

A collaboration with schools around the world
  • Task:
  • For each school to complete a replica piece based upon David Hockney’s “Grand Canyon”
  • This can be done by any year group of your choice though we are going for our Year 8s 12-13 years old
  • The piece can be done in any media of your choice through the sections that must link together. Each section will need to be of A3 size. Our Year 8s will be recreating the work using acrylics.
  • Once completed, we (Wycliffe Prep School) will request some sections of your completed artwork for us to create the joint collaborative piece, which we will then share an image of. You can send this to us as a scanned image.
  • You may also wish to contact other schools on the collaboration, to let them know which sections you would like them to send you so that you can create your own final collaborative piece.

We have chosen “Grand Horizons” as our theme based on the work by English artist David  Hockney. The work chosen is called “Grand Canyon” and is one of a series of paintings produced with this as the subject matter.

David Hockney is known for his bright and stylish use of line and colour. His paintings are large and immersive,  often using more than one canvas as highlighted in the example shown. 

The work is globally regarded as some of the finest paintings produced by a living artist today. We have chosen this image as it has a far-reaching horizon that can speak to us as a global community, enriching our perceptions of the world around us through Art.

Original artwork

  • WhatsApp group ’The Grand Horizon’ has been created on 20th December 2021 and added all the participants.
  • Workshop conducted on 11th January 2022 at the School auditorium from 8.45 am to 1.10 pm.
  • Mr Sabin and Mr Basil instructed the participants about the program. 
  • 9 selected students from grades 7-9 participated and created the artwork.

Grade 7

  1. Aparna Prasanth- 7D
    Grade 8
  2. Akshadha Sarah Mathew- 8E
  3. Myeesha Humayoon- 8E
  4. Twisha Ray- 8E
  5. Elisa Mariam Samuel 8E
    Grade 9
  6. Aishi Chakraborty- 9 CIE
  7. Jonathan Pullan Shiju- 9 CIE
  8. Mariya Jairo- 9A
  9. Elizabeth Isaac- 9A
  • Paper has been distributed to the participants. 
  • Demonstrations has been done during the workshop.
  • Participants started the initial process of creating the artwork during the workshop followed by the instructions.
  • Participants continued the process of creating the artwork at home.
  • Two slides of A3 size has been completed by each participant.
  • Three slides have been completed by Mr. Sabin and Mr. Basil
  • Participants competed and submitted the artworks on 4th February 2022
  • Compiled all the 21 slides and submitted the images to the Round Square Team.