Round Square , Portraits of success

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Round Square

Round Square , Portraits of success

The round square event was held on the 7th of Dec. 2022 to bring together schools around the world to discuss and debate on the topic, Portraits of success.

Number of people attending – Around 130-135 students from various schools across India and parts of Asia, including UAE took part in the event.

It started off with an enlightening and inspiring opening along with an introduction to all the schools taking part in the discussion, this was followed by a wonderful prayer song sung by Sarang from SSL school.

The participants were then introduced to the keynote speaker Mr. Sanjoy K. Roy who shared some eye opening experiences and his perspective on success. 

Mr. Sanjoy’s stories helped in  redefining the students’ idea of success and  building confidence. The breakout sessions were interactive, fun and informative .