Colours Of Life – Chalk, Pencil, Crayons and Paint


Colours Of Life – Chalk, Pencil, Crayons and Paint

A whole year’s sweat and toil come to fruition tomorrow, 21 June! Shamim Ma’am and the Art Team – Yeldo Sir, Chandrababu Sir and Abil bring alive the tradition of India. Be sure to be there for the inaugural ceremony at Durbar Hall Art Centre, Ernakulam at 11:00 am 

Global Public School is proud to present Montage – a celebration of Children’s Art at Kerala Lalithakala Akademi, Durbar Hall Arts Centre, Ernakulam from June 21 to June 27, 2012. 

This National Child Art Exhibition is the culmination of a unique project to promote Indian Art and Culture amongst schools all over the country. The Best School Art Awards for 2011-12 will also be distributed. This show has been curated by Mr. Yeldo T.O., and adjudged by noted Art Historian Vijay Menon. 

Please follow the link for the invite